Retirement, With a Capital “R.”

Retirement, With a Capital “R.”

April 04, 2024

“Retirement.” It's such a permanent sounding word, isn’t it? The reality is, “Retirement” means different things to different people. What it means to YOU is what really counts at Legacy Wealth Management.

Hi, I'm Paul Meyers, President of Legacy Wealth Management, and LPL Financial Advisor. After thirty-three years of talking to investors, I know that Retirement and Retirement Planning are big concerns for people here in North Dakota and Minnesota. I hope the information in this blog and on our website is helpful to you as you seek information on your Retirement.

Can Legacy Wealth Management help?

First of all, at Legacy, “Yes, we can help people with their investment accounts.” It’s what we do every day of every week. We put together plans and strategies to help people find quality investments. We do much more than that, though. Our team has decided that what we REALLY do is help people. It just happens that we help people with investing and retiring.

Second, if you are thinking about Retirement, or already retired, then you may want help figuring out some important details. We can help with that too. We help people who are changing jobs or retiring, as they often wish to consolidate investment accounts. By the way, consolidating investment accounts doesn't mean they become hard to access. On the contrary: we consolidate to help you gain better control and better access. We can help simplify the process of investment management.

We know that in Retirement, Retirement Income is very important, so naturally, we deal with that as part of our everyday operation. We help you figure it out, and we seek to make it dependable.

We also know that finding strategies that may help your investments seek GROW and PROVIDE INCOME is an important goal for many people in Retirement, and it's what we strive for at Legacy Wealth. That means we work hard to stay on top of stock market developments, and we watch your investments very closely.

Finally, we believe that you deserve to have a Financial Advisor who serves as an Investment Fiduciary, which means we put your interests First! Retirement Planning, Retirement Income, Investment Advice... this is what we do at Legacy, all based upon being Investment Fiduciaries, and working with your best interests in mind.

Our LPL Financial Advisor team comes with more than 30 years of experience, and an attitude of helping you seek the Retirement you deserve. Give us a call today. We can help.